Sankofa came to life in the spring of 2015. It all began with three Black mothers who met with their babies for play-dates. As they connected through their shared experience of motherhood, these mothers began to share memories and experiences with one another about their childhoods and their experiences growing up in European schools. They agreed that they didn’t want their children to have some of the difficulties they had. Through sharing their stories they were able to collectively reevaluate their experiences and reconsider childcare options in Berlin. They bonded through the desire to create an ideal environment where their children would feel appreciated, easily identify with their surroundings, receive support in their imaginative play and development, and have positive acknowledgement of their family backgrounds and languages.
These three Black mothers imagined the positive impact a Kita with an Afrocentric approach would have on the development of their children and realized that there were probably many other Black parents and children who would appreciate and benefit from an educational environment like this.  With the support of like-minded parents, an association was born and the first task at hand was to found a Kita for Black children in Berlin, Germany.
Sankofa opened its doors to the first group of children in November 2016!