If you are able to support Sankofa, there are various possibilities:

Bank Transfer 

1.) The most direct form of support is to simply transfer money to the following bank account or through Paypal. Please use the subject “Spende” (or “donation”) as the reference. If you need a donation receipt for tax
purposes – (we can provide these for donations of 20 Euros or more), please email us at with your name, address, the date of the money transfer and the amount you donated.
Our bank details are as follows:

IBAN: DE07 4306 0967 1188 4606 00


Bildungsspender (may only work for people residing in Germany)

2.) Another simple way to donate if you reside in Germany and use a German mobile phone provider is to send a text message (SMS) to 81190 using the text GIB5 SANKOFAKITA (Sankofa will receive a donation of 5 Euros) or GIB9 SANKOFAKITA (Sankofa will receive a donation of 9 Euros). Please be sure to enter the above text only (no hello, greetings etc.) and to have enough credit on your phone. You will be charged 5,17 Euro and 9,17 Euros respectively, as well as the additional costs for sending text messages that your mobile phone provider charges. You will receive a donation notification afterwards. For more information click here.
3.) Next time you shop online (i.e., Amazon, Ebay, IKEA, Otto,, Expedia etc – over 1700 shops are participating) first click here, then click “Einkaufen” – “Web- und Shopsuche” and choose the shop you would like to buy from (the website is in German). You will be re-directed to the shop website, make your purchases at the regular price (no additional fees! no penny extra!) and Sankofa will receive a small donation from the online shop.